Add Ticket Via Email

Add Ticket Via Email

Ticket Via Mail

In order to submit a ticket via email, you must have this feature turn on in the settings.


Ticket Via Mail

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Ticket Via Mail Fields

Ticket Via Mail

Enabled: In this portion, admin can select enable or disabled ticket via email.
Ticket Type: In ticket type there are three options, new ticket, reply ticket or both. Admin can select one of them. In new ticket create a new ticket, in reply only can reply to a ticket, in both ticket can create and reply.
Attachments: System can save attachments if found in the email.
Host Type: Select your email service provider.
Host Name: Write your host name i.e www.YOUR DOMAIN
Enabled SSL: Enable SSL on your domain or not.
Host Port Number: Host port number is used to identify form which network email is forwarded. Default port for non ssl: 143, for ssl: 993
Email Address: Email address to read emails.
Password: Password for given email address.
Check Settings Press check settings button before save information. It is also check either system is connect to the email server or have some problem.

Set ticket via email to follow the given steps.
  • Add email in system email before read ticket via email.
    Admin > JS Support Ticket > System Emails > Add Email

  • Set outgoing email in the department.
    Admin > JS Support Ticket > Departments > Add Department > Set Outgoing Email

  • In configurations click on default system emails and set default alert email.
    Admin > JS Support Ticket > Configurations > Default Email > Default Alert Email

  • Edit these email templates and add {TRACKINGID}, in the subject of email templates

    • New ticket for admin
    • New ticket
    • Reply ticket
    • Response ticket

Admin > JS Support Ticket > Email Templates

Important Notes
  • You and other client do not read this email.

  • Do not set this email. This email was only for authenticating mail server and that the email address wouldn't be used in the email being sent.

  • The system will read only unread emails.

How To Test
  • Check setting first then compose email and wait for 30 minutes.

  • After this go to in admin potion to check email is created or not.

  • IMAP is either not installed or not enable in your server IMAP is not installed on your hosting server, please ask your hosting company to enable/install IMAP library.

  • Admin email address and ticket via email email address cannot be same, your ticket via email will not work. Please change the default admin email address in the configurations.
    Admin > JS Support Ticket > Configurations > Default Email > Default Admin Email

  • Settings are OK but system can not generate tickets. Copy the cron job url form ticket via email page at admin. Paste url in browser and press Enter. Wait for a minute, if system not create ticket or add reply 90% chance some other client read email and there are not any unread email.

Save Button

Ticket Via Mail

When click on the save settings button all settings will be saved.

Cron Job

Ticket Via Mail

Cron is a time-based job scheduler in order to automate things like publishing scheduled posts, 
sending email notifications and more.

Cron Job Header

Ticket Via Mail

This portion is the header of the cron job.


Add Field Ordering

Web Cron Job

Ticket Via Mail Ticket Via Mail

Web Cronjobs is a web based tool that helps you manage all cronjobs in one place. 


Ticket Via Mail Ticket Via Mail

Wget is a free utility for non-interactive download of files from the web.


Ticket Via Mail Ticket Via Mail

Curl is not written to do everything for you. It makes the requests, it gets the data, it sends data 
and it retrieves the information. 

Php Script

Ticket Via Mail Ticket Via Mail

 PHP is a general purpose scripting language that is especially suited to server side web development.


Ticket Via Mail Ticket Via Mail

URL refers to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer network. URL is also used to
transfer the mail.


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