Total Purchase History

Admin Left Menu > Credits Log > Purchase History.

Purchase History

This is purchase history listing page. It has record of all the successful credits pack purchases.

Purchase History

This portion has a back link that takes to control panel, page title add new purchase history 

Purchase History This portion is table header it tells us what different columns represent about a record.

Purchase History

This portion represents an individual record. It has user name, credits pack, cost, credits
transaction status and date.
User name is name of the user who purchased the package.
Credits pack is the name of credit pack that was purchased.
Cost is the price (amount and currency symbol) of the credits pack purchased.
Credits is the amount of credits of purchased credits pack.
Transaction status is whether user can use these credits or not, transaction status (approve 
or not approved) can be changed by a single click.
Date is the purchase date of credit pack.



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