Custom Homepage & Widgets

Learn Manager enable user to customize the home pages in visual composer. User can easily customize
and make new pages by using existing widgets and short codes after following the fews steps
discussed below.

Step 01

Go to admin dashboard Home Page And Widgets

Step 02

Go to the pages form left menu Home Page And Widgets

Step 03

Add new Page Home Page And Widgets

Here you have a Page title, add page title and there is a lot of options like add elements, add
templates and add to text book given below from Visual composer. User can use add new element
by clicking on add element.

Home Page And Widgets

A pop-up will appear when you click on the add new element. It shows all the existing element to
add into your page. There is a menu on the top which is listed as categorical. User must select
Learn Manager from this.

Step 04

Click on the Learn Manager from menu Home Page And Widgets

These 27 widgets which are discussed below that will add into your page. You can select one
element at one time.

Home Page And Widgets

Another pop-up will appear when you select of any element. You can put data accordingly to the
asked fields and then save changes.

Home Page And Widgets

An element has been added to the page. You can also add multiple elements as your desired.

Home Page And Widgets

It gives you multiple options for editing. You can edit them, delete them or add new one. After all
this you just simple publish the page after clicking the button from right side menu.

Home Page And Widgets Final Step

After publishing the page an option will appear on the screen view page. Just click on it and view your page. Them Installation

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