Add New Salary Range

Salary Range > Add New Salary Range.

Add New salary range

This Page is used for inserting new salary range in the system. 


Add New salary range Click here to read more..

Add New salary range

Fields Area
This portion has the fields for inserting a new salary range, the fields are

Salary Range Start*: This will be salary range start.
Salary Range End*: This will be salary range end.
Published: Controls published/ unpublished of salary range.
Default: Controls the default status of salary range.

Fields titles that have '*' next to their title are required.

Save Button

Add New salary range

This portion has two buttons save and cancel. If all the required fields are filled click on 
save salary range button will save salary range. Cancel button will close this page and takes 
back to salary range listing page.

For edit case this page will hold values of the salary range that is being edited and click on 
save button will save changes.

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