General Settings

This will be your site title.

Ticket Default Page
Default page is selected to define where to redirect when no page id is found so that users do not face 
any inconvenience. If default page id is not set then links in emails and support icon might not work.

Support Icon
This configuration controls the visibility of support icon.

Support Icon Position
This configuration controls the position of support icon.

Set your plugin offline for the front end.

Offline Message
Set the offline message for your user.

Data Directory
This will be the name of the folder where the system will store all user uploaded files.

Date Format
Date format that will be applied in the whole plugin. Every visible date will be in selected.

Ticket Overdue Interval Type
Interval type to mark ticket as overdue.

Ticket Overdue
Set number of days after which ticket will be marked as overdue.

Ticket Auto Close
Set number of days for ticket auto close if the user does not respond.

No. Of Attachment
This configuration controls the number of files that can be attached to a ticket.

File Maximum Size
This configuration controls maximum size allowed for file, if file size exceeds maximum 
file size system will not upload that file.

File Extension
List of file extensions that user can upload doc,docx,odt,pdf,txt,png,jpeg,jpg,zip.

Pagination Default Page Size
This configuration controls how many records will be shown on a single page. This configuration 
affects both front end and admin.

This configuration controls the visibility of breadcrumbs on the front end. If hide is selected 
there will be no breadcrumbs on the front end.

Login Redirect
This configuration controls whether to Redirect user to JS Support Ticket control panel after 
login or not.

Show Count On My Tickets
Show number of open, closed, answered ticket on my tickets page or not.

Show Captcha On Registration Form
Select whether you want to show captcha on registration form or not.

Default WP Role For New Users
Select role you want to assign to new users.

Set Login Link
Set Login Link Default or Custom.

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