Job Alert

Admin Left menu > Jobs > Job Alert.

Job Alert

This is job alert listing page. It has all the job alerts that are subscribed.


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Job Alert

This portion is table header it tells us what different columns represent about a record.


Job Alert

This portion is filter for job alert listing, admin can filter job alerts on the basis of name, email and category. 
When admin uses filter then only job alerts that fulfill his provided criteria  will be shown in the listing. 
Reset button will disable filter criteria and show all job alerts.

Job Alert

This portion represents an individual record. It has name, contact email, job category, status
created and unsubscribe icon.
Name is name of the user who subscribed.
Contact email is the email address on which job alert email will be sent.
Job category is the category of which the job alerts will be sent.
Status of job alert (pending, approved, rejected).
Created is the subscription date of job alert.
Click on unsubscribe icon will unsubscribe job alert.
Click on name will take to form job alert with details of the job alert filled (edit case).


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Configuration that affect this page are

Default Pagination Size
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