Shortlisted Courses

Shortlisted Courses

Student Top Menu Link > Shortlisted Courses

Instructor Course Listing

This page shows the list of shortlisted courses.


Admin Companies Listing Click here to read more..


Admin Companies Listing

This portion is filter for shortlisted courses, student can filter courses on the basis of course title
and select category. When student uses filter then only courses that fulfill his provided criteria
will be shown in listing. Reset button will disable filter criteria and show all shortlisted courses.

Admin Companies Listing

This portion has shortlisted courses title on the left side. On the right side there are views buttons,
list view and box view, also it gives the option to sort the data accordingly created date or else.

Admin Companies Listing

This portion represents an individual course, it has course image, title, course access type, instructor
image, instructor name, category, enrolled students and lectures. Student can view course detail and
add or remove courses from shortlisted by click on the view and shortlisted button.

Configurations that affect this page are

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Can View Course Detail
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Student Can View Instructor Area
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