Define Credits

Add New Credits

Credits layout > Add New Credits Button

Admin Credits Form

This page is used for defining costs for different actions. The actions for which cost can 
be defined are add vehicle and featured vehicle.

Admin Credits Form

This portion has a back link that takes to control panel and page title.

Admin Credits Form

This portion provides basic information about the credit system. How it works and what is the 
meaning of expiry field.

Admin Credits Form

This portion has fields that are to be used for defining a new credit (cost for action), on the
top there is a combo box that has list of actions, then expiry in days, cost in credits and 
status. At the bottom there are two buttons save and cancel, save button defines a new credit and
cancel button closes this page without saving.

Multiple Credits

There are action that can have multiple costs defined for them with different expiries. The 
actions that support multiple costs are add vehicle and featured vehicle. When user tries to 
perform any of these actions and multiple costs are defined for that action then user will 
see this kind of popup.

Featured vehicle

The popup will have details like total credits of user, credits options for that action with 
expiries, credits remaining after proceeding and two buttons proceed and cancel.

If user clicks on proceed, then that action will be performed and credits of option selected will
be deducted from his total credits and the expiry date will be expiry of option selected added 
into current date. Cancel button will close the popup.

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