Getting Started

JS Support Ticket Installation
Installation of js support ticket is pretty simple and easy. If you have an environment that fulfills the
basic system requirements than its need few simple steps to be fully functional.
Accessing Admin Area

Access Admin Area

After installation to access admin area click on js support ticket link in the left menu of wordpress it
will take you to admin control panel of js support ticket.
Left Menu

Left Menu

Js support ticket provides a left menu on the admin side. Left menu has the link for every page of the
admin side.


Js support ticket provides shortcodes for admin.
Front End Menus
Js support ticket provides separate menus for admin and user on the front end. That can be added to any page
or post using shortcodes that are provided on shortcodes layout.
Default Page

Default Page

Default page is selected to define where to redirect when no page id is found so that users do not face any 
inconvenience. If default page id is not set then links in emails might not work.


Default Page
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