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Top Menu > Login.

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You Are Not Logged In message > Login.


JS Car Manager provides interface for user login so that user can login to JS Car Manager without
leaving the site (no third party plugin).


This portion is divided into two parts, in the top portion there are fields for login using 
WordPress,s user name, password and register link, on the bottom side there are buttons for 
social logins (facebook, xing, linkedin).
If user wants to login using his WordPress credentials he must fill user name and password 
correctly and click on login button if the user name and password provided is valid that user 
will be successfully logged in.
If user is not a member or our system then he can click on register link to become a member of 
our system.


If login with social apps is enabled and configured properly then if user clicks on any social 
login button he will be asked to fill his social user name and password, after that he will be 
asked whether he allows our social app to get his profile data or not after he selects yes he 
will be redirected to the page from where he was redirected to login page in the first place and 
perform functionalities (actions) like logged in users.

The configurations that affect this page are.

Login With Facebook.
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Login With xing.
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Login With Facebook.
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