PayPal Settings

PayPal Settings

PayPal Enabled
This configuration controls whether buy now with paypal will be visible or not.

User Name
PayPal API user name.

PayPal API Signature.

Logo URL
The logo to show in PayPal interface, paste the link of your logo.

Cancel URL
If user clicks on cancel order in PayPal on which page user will redirected.

PayPal APi password.

Notify URL
Auto fill, URL for notification.

Test Mode
If you want to test paypal via sandbox, enable it.

Fill language code for PayPal here i.e EN

Get Information From PayPal
  • Login to your paypal account.

  • Click on accounts PayPal Accounts

  • Click on Profile and open API Credentials tab PayPal Credential

How To Configure PayPal

PayPal Sign up

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