Visual Composer

How To Add A Car Manager page

Car Manager pages can be added using visual composer

Visual Composer

To add a car manager page admin must go to pages listing from wordpress left menu click on add 
new button.

Visual Composer

After click on add new this page will open it will have fields and options that effect the page. 
There is field for page title and a couple of buttons below the title field.

Visual Composer

When user clicks on backend editor this interface opens up. It has three buttons in the middle.

When user clicks on add element button or the big "+" sign. This interface opens up, it has a lot
of options and 8 tabs. One of those tabs is car manager.

Visual Composer

When user clicks on car manager tab this appears on screen. It has all the main pages of car 

Visual Composer

When use clicks on vehicle manager pages this popup opens on screen, it has combo box of pages.

Visual Composer

This is how the opened combo box appears. Admin can select any of the pages and click on save 
changes button, a short code will be created by visual composer for that page.

Click on publish button will publish this newly created page.

Add Shortcodes to pages

When admin has selected a page and want to add a short code to show any other element from car 
manager on that page.

Visual Composer

Admin can click on "+" sign to add any other element on the page.

Visual Composer Visual Composer

Click on "+" sign will open this portion up, admin can choose from the given options. 

Visual Composer

When admin selects popular vehicles or featured vehicles from the above portion this popup will 
open, it will have options to customize the appearance style and data of shortcode.

The display options for featured vehicles and shortlisted vehicle shortcodes are.

Detail Page
Featured vehicles slide style
Slide speed
Number of vehicles

Wordpress Custom Posts

Car Manager uses certain custom wordpress posts to handle certain things

Team Members

Admin can add team members page in car manger, to add team member there is button on wordpress
left menu that has a list of team members and add new team member button.

News And Rumors

Admin can add news and rumors page in car manger, to add a news and rumors there is button on 
wordpress left menu that has a list of news and rumors and add new news and rumor button.

Pricing Table

Admin can add pricing table page in car manger, to add new product there is button on wordpress
left menu that has a list of products and add new product button.


Admin can add testimonials page in car manger, to add testimonial there is button on wordpress
left menu that has a list of testimonials and add new testimonial button.

How To Add Page Without Visual Composer

User can add Car Manager pages without visual composer, car manager provides interface to add pages 
and shortcodes seamlessly.

Visual Composer

User can click on add new page button from Wordpress left menu, that will take him to form page.

User can click on button on the top portion of text editor for page.

Visual Composer

If user clicks on car manger pages button from the text editor, this portion opens up user can 
select the page from the combo box.

Visual Composer

If user clicks on featured vehicles and newest vehicle then this portion opens up.

Admin can user these buttons and popups to add pages and shortcodes.

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