Technical Requirements

  • localhost xampp, wamp or any Apache with PHP and MySQL server.
  • Microsoft IIS.
  • Livesite (preferably a sub-domain for testing).
  • For Manual Installation, you need a full installation package for Joomla!, so download here and don't forget about Joomla Requirements.

Ok, now when you're ready, let's start by unpack all files and folders of the Template Package file to a folder.

Quickstart Pack Installation

The Quickstart Package consists on a complete pack of Joomla!, Joomla Template, Extensions and Sample Content, excellent for beginner users to explore back-end settings and sample content. Installing the Quickstart is just like installing Joomla! and is recommended for newbies but also good for anyone who don't want to go through the individual setup of each component, module or plug-in. After the installation complete, you will have a replica of the live demo that we have. Once your environment is ready, follow this quick guide:

  1. Localhost only: Create a new folder in the htdocs folder for Xampp (www folder for Wamp). Unpack the contents from
  2. Live site only: Upload, you will unpack it under public_html folder, wwwroot folder (windows hosting) or the root folder on your server.
  3. Access your site on the browser, http://localhost/your_folder on localhost or on your live site.
  4. Follow the Joomla installation prompts as you would a normal Joomla installation and don't forget to install sample data.
  5. Once the installation complete, delete the installation folder, view site and you'll see your site should look exactly like the demo version.
  6. Watch this video tutorial on how to install Joomla! Click here!

Manual Installation

Manual Installation refers to installing the template on your Joomla! powered website. This means you already have a website with content items, modules, various extensions, so you just decided you want to improve the design of your website. Because the development of this template is based on Helix Framework so you will need to install the Helix System Plugin First. So here's what you have to do:

  1. Log-in to your Joomla! back-end (
  2. If your website is already had Helix System Plugin then pass this step, otherwise just download System 3. Plugin Joomla 2.5 & 3 and install it.
  3. Now Enable Helic Framework Plugin.
  4. Install Template, make it dedault, go to front-end and check the new module positions. You will have to reassign your modules to the new positions of the template.

Note: Some users have issues while installing quickstart pack or template on Wamp server (for testing and exploring), this issue is solved by enable curl in php settings. You need to edit 2 files php.ini inside wamp/bin/php/{your php version}/ and wamp/bin/apache/{your apache version}/bin/. Search for extension=php_curl.dll and remove semicolon before this line. Save and restart your wamp and everything will work fine.

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