Salary Range Types

Salary Range Type Listing

Admin Left Menu > Salary Range > Salary Range Type.

Salary Range Type

This page has all the salary range types defined in the system.


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Salary Range Type

This portion has action buttons that can be used for performing different action on single or 
multiple (using check boxes) salary range types at a time. The buttons that are available are 
published, unpublished, delete.


Salary Range Type

This portion is filter for salary range types listing. Admin can filter salary range types on 
the basis of title and status (published, unpublished). When admin uses filter only salary range
types that fulfill his provided criteria are shown on the page. Reset button will disable filter
criteria and show all salary range types.


Salary Range Type

This portion is table header it tells us what different columns represent about a record. First column 
is a check box it can be used to select all visible salary range types and perform any action on those 
salary range types using top action buttons.

Salary Range Type

This portion represents an individual record. It has title, default, published, ordering, 
actions for a salary range type.
Title is text how the salary range type will appear in combo box or as value on (views and 
Default means salary range type will be selected by default (on page load) on forms.
Publish status controls whether salary range type will be visible in combo box or not.
Ordering means what will be the sequence of the salary range types in combo box.
Published, unpublished, default, ordering for user or visitor can be changed by a single click for
all salary range types.
Ordering of any salary range type can be increased or decreased by a single click.

If admin clicks on edit icon then admin will be redirected to add salary range type layout with 
details of salary range type filled in the form(edit case).
If admin clicks on delete icon then salary range type will be deleted, if no company, job or 
resume holds that entity as value and it is not default salary range type.

Unpublished salary range type can not be set default and also default salary range type can not 
be unpublished.

Configuration that affect this page are

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