WooCommerce Settings

WooCommerce Settings

This configuration controls whether buy now button (for buying with WooCommerce) will be 
visible or not.

How To Configure WooCommerce
If admin wants to use WooCommerce to sell JS Car Manager credit packs, there are certain steps
that are required for WooCommerce accommodate JS Car Manager credit packs. The steps are
+ A Working WooCommerce
+ Define a credits pack in JS Car Manager
+ Goto products page of WooCommerce and click on add new product 
+ provide details about product like name and description
+ Select JS Car Manager credits from product data combo box
+ define price for credits pack 
+ use package combo to select credit pack that you want to sell
+ Click on publish.
The credit pack will be added to WooCommerce products.

When user will click on buy now button (from JS Car Manager credits pack page) for any credit 
pack that is defined in WooCommerce as a product he will be redirected to WooCommerce checkout 
page where he will be asked to fill out information about himself in **Billing Details** portion 
and review what he is going to purchase in **Your Order** portion. After that user must select 
what payment method he will be using, then he will click on 'place order' button. The order will 
be placed, once the payment is successfully received the user will get the credit pack he placed 
order for.

The cost (amount and currency symbol) that will be charged for the purchase of credit pack will be the one that was defined for credit pack as WooCommerce product.

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