My Companies

My Companies

Employer Control Panel > My Companies.
Employer Top Menu Link > My Companies

My Companies My Companies

This is companies listing page for employers. Employers can see all their companies here regardless 
company of status.

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top Menu
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My Companies

This portion is page heading. It has page title and link for add new company page.


top Menu

This portion is filter for company listing, employer can filter companies on the basis of company name and
company category. When employer uses filter then only companies that fulfill his provided criteria will be
shown in listing. Reset button will disable filter criteria and show all companies.

My Companies

This portion represents an individual company, it has logo, name, status, category, location(s) and date created
of the company, there are some action buttons on bottom right side. There is button for edit company, 
add to featured, delete. Clicking on company name will take to company information page.

When user clicks on edit company button he will be taken to add company page with company detail already filled
(edit case). Employer can add to featured company by click on the featured button. Employer can also delete
company by click on the delete button.


My Companies

When user clicks on add to featured company button.
If cost for add to feature is not defined then company will show featured/waiting tag next to its name. 
If cost for add to featured company is defined then a pop-up will appear on screen that will have details 
like total credits of employer, credits options for that action with expiries (if defined), credits 
remaining after proceeding and two buttons proceed and cancel.  
If user does not have required credits for featured company then he will see a message you do not have 
enough credits and a link to buy credits.
If user clicks on proceed company name will show featured/waiting tag next to it and credits that was 
required for featured company (if multiple credits were defined for featured company then credits of 
option selected) will be deducted from his total credits. Cancel button will close the pop-up.

If user clicks on delete button then company will be deleted if there are no jobs of that company.


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Configuration that affect this page are

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Featured Company Auto Approve
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Date Formate
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Default Pagination Size
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