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Add Company For Employer

Employer Control Panel > Add Company   
Employer Control Panel > My Companies > Add New Company  

Add Companies

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Add Companies

This portion is page heading.

Fields Area
Name*: This portion is use for company name.
URL:  This portion is for URL.
Contact Name*: This portion is for contact name.
Contact Phone: This portion is for contact phone.
Contact Email*: Contact email for company. 
Contact Fax: This portion is use for fax contact. 
Category*: Company category.
Company logo: Company logo.
Since: Company since. 
Company Size: This portion is for size.
Income: This portion is for income. 
Description: This portion is for description.
Address1: This portion is for address1.
Address2: This portion is for address2.
City: This portion is for city name.
Zip Code: This portion is for zip code.
Facebook: This portion is for facebook.
Twitter: This portion is for twitter.
Googleplus: This portion is for google plus.
Linkedin: This portion is for linkedin.

Field title that have '*' are required.  

When employer has filled all the required fields and clicks on save button, if cost for add 
company is not defined then the company will be saved but if there is cost for add company
then a pop-up will appear on screen that pop-up will have details like total credits of 
employer, credits required for action, credits remaining after proceeding and two buttons 
proceed and cancel.

Save Button

Add Companies

Admin can add company by click on the save company.


Add Company Pop Up

If employer selects proceed then the employer will be charged for that company, cancel button 
will close the pop-up without saving the company.
When user clicks on add company and cost for add company is defined and if user does not have 
required credits for add company then he will see a message you do not have enough credits and a 
link to buy credits.

Configurations that affect add company are

Company Auto Approve
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Company Logo Size
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Company Logo Extensions
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User Can Add City From Auto Complete
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Number Of Cities For Auto Complete Field
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