User Detail

Users details For Admin

Users > Click On Photo.
Users > Click On Name.

Admin Users Listing

This is user detail page for admin it has all the details about a user.


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Admin Users Listing

This portion represents an individual user, it has logo/photo, name, role (job seeker, employer),
status, resume title or company name, WordPress role and user name.

Admin Users Listing

This portion represents stats of an individual user. In case of job seekers it shows number of
resumes, cover letters and job applies.

Admin Users Listing

In case of the employer, it shows number of companies, job, department and job applies on jobs.

Admin Users Listing

This portion has id (user id) on right side and on left side there are four buttons change 
role, disable, delete and enforce delete.

Change role button will take to a layout where admin can change role (employer, job seeker) of 
a user.
Disable user means user will be prohibited from performing any action in JS Jobs.
Delete means user will be deleted if user does not have any entity in JS Jobs.
Enforce delete means user as well as all his entities will be deleted.

On delete user will be deleted from WordPress and JS Jobs.

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