Push Notifications Admin Side

Push Notifications Admin Side

JS Support Ticket can be easily manage push notifications step by step.

Step 01: Push Notifications

In wordpress left menu bar, go to plugins. Activate the JS Ticket Notification by click on
the activate button.

Step 02: Push Notifications

After the activation of JS Ticket Notification plugin, it redirect to the key activation page.
After inserting the activation key clicks on the start button it takes to the next layout.

Step 03: Push Notifications

Click on the given link, it redirect to the push notification configuration page.

Step 04: Push Notifications

Enter the Firebase Notifications keys.

Click here to get Firebase Keys
Click here to get keys...

Step 05: Push Notifications

After enter the Firebase Notifications keys. Click on the save configurations button you see a
pop-up for Firebase Notifications permission. Click on always receive/allow notifications.

Step 06: Push Notifications

After allow the permission for notifications you receive a subscription message.

User Create or Reply On Ticket

Push Notifications

When any user create or post reply on a ticket admin receive notification.

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