JS Car Manager Registration

To allow user registration in WP Admin
Admin > Settings > Generals > Membership: Anyone can register

JS Car Manager provides interface for user register so that user can register to JS Car Manager
without leaving the site (no third party plugin).

The fields of registration form are
+User name: this will be the user name of for wordpress record
+First name: 
+Last name: 
+Password: this will be password for wordpress record
+Password Again: password confirmation
+Cell :
+Phone :
+Website link :
+Photo : 
+Location :
+Longitude :
+Latitude :
+Video Type : 
+Description :
+Video :
+Facebook :
+Twitter :
+Linkedin :
+Googleplus :
+Pinterest :
+Instagram :
+Reddit : 
+Captcha: (to avoid spamming)

Top five fields are wordpress fields, field title and visibilty of rest of fields can be managed
from field ordering.

After filling atleast the required fields a single click on register new account button this button 
will create a new user in WordPress and JS Car Manager simultaneously.

The configurations that affect this page are.

Show Captcha On Registration form.
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