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Search Job Search Job Search Job Search Job Search Job

This layout provides search options for job so that user can search job according to his interest.
User defines a search criteria and jobs that fulfill specified criteria are shown in jobs

Search Job

Bread Crumbs.
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Top Menu

Top Menu.
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Search Job

This portion is page heading. It has page title.

Search Job Search Job Search Job Search Job

This portion consists on search options that are available. The options available are
title, company, category, type, status, gender, age, salary range, shift, highest education,
duration, career level, work permit, required travel, map, longitude, latitude, radius, 
radius length type, city, zip code, tags, meta keywords. All these options are manageable from 
field ordering.

Search Job

This portion has a search job button. User fills criteria for search and clicks on this button. 

Search Job

He will taken to jobs listing where active jobs that fulfill his specified criteria are listed
and on the top of that listing there is a save job search form that allows to save any job 
search criteria so that it can be viewed later. The visibility of save search form is controlled 
from configuration.

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Configuration that affect this page are

Allow Save Search.
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