Departments Approval Queue

Departments Approval Queue Listing For Admin

Admin control panel > departments.

Admin Right menu > departments > departments.

Admin departments Listing

This is departments listing page for admin. All the pending (waiting for approval) departments
will be listed here.

Admin departments Listing

This portion has a back link that takes to control panel, page title, and right menu button.

Admin folders Listing

This portion has action buttons that can be used for performing different action on single or 
multiple (using check boxes) tags at a time. The buttons that are available are approve and

Admin departments Listing

This portion is filter for department listing, admin can filter departments on the basis of 
department name and company name . When admin uses filter then only departments that fulfill 
his provided criteria  will be shown in listing. Reset button will disable filter criteria and 
show all departments.

Admin departments Listing

This portion is table header it tells us what different columns represent about a record.
First column is a check box it can be used to select all visible departments and perform 
any action on those departments using top action buttons.

Admin departments Listing

This portion represents an individual record. It has department, company, created and status
buttons for a department
Department: is text how the department will appear in combo box or as value on (views and 
Company : is the company to which the department will belong.
Created : is data created of department.
Status : this column has approve aand reject icons

Pagination Pagination.
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