Google Map And Adsense


Map Height
This configuration controls map height in JS Jobs plugin. Width will be 100% of the available 

Show Map
This configuration shows how the map is gonna look in the component.

Google Map Api Key
Google map api key is required for google map to work.
Get Google map api key

Default Longitude
This configuration provides default longitude for map.

Default Latitude
This configuration provides default latitude for map.

Default Map Radius Type
This configuration controls what will be default radius type for search with coordinates on job 
search form and pop up.

Google Adsense Settings

Show Google Adds In List Jobs
This configuration controls whether to show Google ads in job listing or not

Google Adsense Client Id
Google adsense client Id

Google Adsense Slot Id
Google adsense slot Id

Google Adds Show After Number Of Jobs
this configuration controls how many jobs will be shown before showing Google ads 

Google Adds Width
this configuration controls width of the Google ads

Google Adds Height
this configuration controls height of the Google ads

Google Adds Custom CSS
css written here will be implemented on Google ads