Companies Approval que

Companies Approval Que

Admin control panel > (companies) Approval Que.

Admin Right menu > companies > Approval Que.

Admin Companies Listing

This is companies Approval Que page for admin. All the Pending (waiting for approval) companies 
will be listed here.

Admin Companies Approval Que

This portion has a back link that takes to control panel, page title and right menu button.

Admin Companies Approval Que Action Button And Sorting.
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Admin Companies Approval Que

This portion is filter for company listing, admin can filter companies on the basis of company
name, category, date created (date range), gold and featured.
When admin uses filter then only companies that fulfill his provided criteria  will be shown 
in listing.. Reset button will disable filter criteria and show all companies.

Admin Companies Approval Que

This portion represents an individual company, it has logo, name, gold tag, featured tag, 
pending (gold ,featured), category,website, location(s) and date created of the company,there
are some action button and links on bottom left side. There are buttons for approve (gold, 
featured), reject (gold ,featured), delete, force delete. Clicking on company name will take
to form company with company details already filled (Edit Company).

Click on delete means company will be deleted if it does not have any job in the system. 
Click on Force delete means company as well as the departments and jobs of that company will be 

Click on approve button means company (gold, featured) will be approved  
Click on reject button means company (gold, featured) will be rejected

If any company's status is waiting for approval for more than one action (company pending, 
gold pending, featured pending) then approve reject buttons will show options separately on 
hover,options will be gold approve/reject, featured approve/reject, company approve/reject,
all approve/reject

Pagination Pagination.
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The labels for values on this page come from field ordering.