Add Company

Add Company For Admin

Admin Companies Listing > Add New Company   

Fields Are :

User Id : Admin can create new company for any user, he clicks on select user and selects user 
          for whom he wants to create the company.if no user is selected then that company will 
          belong to admin.
Name* : company name 
URL :  
Contact Name :  
Contact Phone : 
Contact Email* : contact email for company. All the correspondence will be done thorough 
                 this email address
Contact Fax : 
Category* : company category
Company logo : company logo
Since : 
Company Size : 
Income : 
Description :
Address1 : 
Address2 : 
City : 
Zip Code : 
Facebook : 
Twitter : 
Googleplus : 
Linkedin :
Status : what will be the status of the new company (approved, pending, rejected)

Field title that have '*' are required.  
Field ordering, field title, required and field visibility(published, unpublished) can be managed
from field ordering page.  

When admin has filled all the required fields and clicks on save button, if cost for add company 
is not defined then the company will be saved but if there is cost for add company then a popup 
will appear on screen that popup will have details like total credits of employer, credits 
required for action, credits remaining after proceeding and three buttons proceed without paying, 
proceed with paying and cancel.

Add Company Pop Up

If admin selects proceed with paying then the employer who will own the company will be charged 
for that company but if proceed without paying is selected then the employer will not be charged,
cancel button will close the popup without saving the company.

if admin clicks on user name link from 'select user' field. Select User Popup

This popup will appear on screen it will have all the JS Jobs users as records in it, this popup
is used for selecting the user to which admin wants to assign new company.

Select User Popup

This portion is popup header it has close icon (cross image) on the right side, that can be used
to close the popup.

Select User Popup

This portion is search or filter for records that can be used to find any specific user. admin 
can search user on the basis of name (first name, last name), user name, email address. when 
admin fills search criteria and clicks on search then only users that fulfill his provided 
criteria are shown in the popup. Reset button disables the search criteria and shows all users.

Select User Popup

This portion portion tells us what diffrent columns of data are (name, user name, email).

Select User Popup

This portion portion represents a single user and provides us details about that specific user 
like user id, name, user name and email address. click on name will fill that name into 'select 
user' field of add company.

Select User Popup

This portion is pagination if number or user is greater than three then this portion appears. it 
can be used to view next or previous records.

Configurations that affect this page are
Company Logo Size.
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Company Logo Extensions.
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User Can Add City From Auto Complete.
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Number Of Cities For Auto Complete Field.
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